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Lighting Solutions


Holiday Lighting

Outdoor Holiday lights are fun for everyone and really help get the neighborhood in the Holiday spirit. What’s not fun for anyone is putting up and taking down the lights every season. Whether you put them up and take them down yourself or you find a local company to do it, it is always a hassle. With JellyFish Lighting, you can leave your lights up year round without making your HOA or neighbors upset! They are permanently installed behind your trim enclosed in an aluminum track that’s the same color to be discreet from the street. With an app on your phone you can turn your lights on and off or change the colors. You can also save a timer to have your lights come on and turn off automatically with sunset to sunrise.


Accent Lighting

Lighting up your home is one of the easiest ways to immediately add curb appeal. Whether your home has certain features you’d like accented like peaks or columns or you just want to light up your home so it’s not so dark at night, JellyFish Lighting is the perfect solution for  accent lighting. Within the app, you’re able to decide which lights you’d like on and what color they’ll be. For example, you can turn on two lights at the top of each peak and leave the rest of the lights off. You can also choose from one of our preset patterns where one light is on every 3, 6, or 8 feet. You have the ability to make any shade of white you’d like to match your other exterior lighting or complement your home’s colors.


Security Lighting

Although light cannot keep a burglar from breaking into your home, it can make it easier for you or your neighbor to see someone lurking or trying to get inside so you can prevent it or call the police faster. Our system produces enough light to be the primary light source for cameras or doorbells with video function within range of the lights. Security cameras are useless if there’s not enough light to pick up the perpetrators face or license plate.


Game Day Lighting

It has been a long challenge to be able to easily decorate your home with your favorite team’s colors . Now you can with the touch of a button. On Saturday you can put on your favorite college team’s colors, then Sunday your favorite pro football team. When having a Superbowl party, you can tell people to look for your team's colors lit up on your home. Make your house the life of the party.


Lanai Lighting

Our Lanai Lights can be installed anywhere you want. Every beam, every other beam or just plain horizontal. Turn your lanai into a party one day and regular accent lighting the next.


Retail Lighting

Make your business stand out from the rest with bright colorful accent lights. The more attention your store front gets, the more business you will get. Customers like businesses that visually look more appealing from the outside, thus making them want to go check it out. Let JellyFish Lighting be your marketing tool for the night time hours.


Boat Dock Lighting

Boat docks need light, simple as that. It's safe, makes for easier navigation and fun to look at. We can install these anywhere from under the canopy, under the dock planks and even in the water. Make your dock standout for everyday use and for holidays!

Lighting Solutions: Lighting Solutions
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